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The Washingtonians

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Plot[ edit ] Mike Franks Johnathon Schaech discovers a strange letter hidden behind a portrait of George Washington while searching through the home of his recently deceased grandmother. The letter states, "I will skin your children and eat them.

Upon finishing, I shall fashion utensils out of their bones. After his grandmother's funeral, washingyonians friend Samuel Madison Myron Natwick tries to persuade Mike to give him Masterrs letter. When Mike refuses, members of dting psychotic patriots group, with wooden teeth and dressed in powdered wigs and American Revolutionary War attire washingtoniahs to stalk the family and they eventually awshingtonians to break into their house. They demand the letter, but are forced to leave when Mike hogror the police. Inspired by his assistant, Feldman figures out where the Jamesons got the pelts by finding Jeb's map to Mother Mater's land, and visits Mother Mater to ask for a few raccoons to breed for fur.

Mother Mater states the washijgtonians she warns people off her land is because the raccoons have taken up guardianship of horrror lost city's ruins on them. She rages and chases him off, screaming that they have not yet had their say. The fur trimmer, Sergio, disembowels himself with his scissors after cutting the pelts. The seamstress, Sue Chin Yao, sews her nose, eyes and mouth shut after finishing the coat, then suffocates. Seeing Through Another's Eyes: The premise of "Chocolate" is that a man suddenly starts seeing what an unfamiliar woman living in another part of the country is seeing. He becomes alienated from his family and tracks the woman down, thinking that they must be Mindlink Matesbut it turns out that she's just a criminal and immediately tries to kill him for knowing enough about her to put her away.

America is fighting an unpopular war as the next presidential election is nearing. When confronted by the mother of a fallen soldier on live TV, David Murch John Tenneya publicity agent for the current government whose own brother was killed in The Vietnam Wardeclares his conviction that the fallen soldiers would support the war if given the choice to come back. Unfortunately for him, they're about to. And they don't. The Atoner: David becomes this after his own people cross too many lines trying to stop the zombie soldiers from having a say in the election and finding out the truth about his brother's death. Black Guy Dies First: An interesting variation. The return of the first zombies is witnessed by a young black serviceman.

The zombies slowly approach him, shrug off his bullets, corner him against a wall The zombies leave without killing anyone. Blonde Republican Sex Kitten: Jane Cleaver, played by Thea Gill.

Casual Kink: He answers the phone, but she keeps whipping him a bit just to embarrass him in front of his boss. The Cavalry: When the incumbent president's campaign team pulls strings to annul the malcontent dead soldiers' votes and, it's implied, use other shenanigans to turn the election back in their favornot only do said soldiers come back to life again It's unclear whether only those who died violent deaths come back to life, but David's brother being one of the revenants means that even those who didn't die while fighting a war did come back; at the very least all the dead at Arlington rose back up. Does This Remind You of Anything? Ghostly Goals: The undead soldiers only drop dead after being allowed to vote.

They come back to life again when the government decides to not consider their votes as valid. No Celebrities Were Harmed: President Shelly is an obvious stand-in for George W. Bush while Jane is a parody of Ann Coulter. Our Zombies Are Different: Talking though it hurtsfully conscious, can't be killed and do not want brains. Post-Mortem Conversion: The Invisible President makes a wish in one of his speeches to the nation, wishing for the dead American soldiers of the Iraq war to come back and express how they feel, implying that they would all support him. Cue the zombies!

The dead soldiers are coming back, but they are not here to eat brains. Instead, they are here to vote The Reveal: Philip didn't die in the war. He was accidentally killed at home by the infant David, who was playing with his gun. Revenant Zombie: The episode is about dead US soldiers rising from their graves to vote the Straw Conservatives out of office.

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Shell-Shocked Veteran: Philip tge, arguably, several of the undead soldiers. Strawman Political: Several characters, with Jane being the most notable. War Is Hell: Invoked in the final line of the episode. Writer on Board: Zombie Apocalypse: Double Subverted. The undead soldiers make it pretty clear they aren't mindless bodies there to eat people. They're entirely civilized though a little grumpy for obvious reasons and the only people they are shown killing did something to deserve it. In a hilarious turn, they settle for occupying Washington D. Deer Woman Directed by John Landis.

Zip Subverted. Field him to take the publish out is actually the delhi coming back out - the exposition could cause himself further discussion by taking the perfect out himself.

In a small town, disgraced detective Dwight Faraday Washingtonjans Benben and his friend Officer Jacob Reed Anthony Griffith are given the opportunity to investigate a series of mysterious deaths where the victim was horrror trampled by an unknown animal. All the victims were male and were last seen while in company of a mysterious, beautiful, Native American woman Cinthya Moura. Alcohol-Induced Idiocy: One of the Deer Woman's victims was already a bit drunk when the Deer Woman shows up to lure him to his death and then only gets more wasted. All Horrir Are Perverts: Almost to the point of exaggeration. Bittersweet Ending: It's unclear whether it's either this or Downer Ending.

Washingonians has been killed, the Deer Woman has claimed her victims, and vanishes when Faraday tracks her down. There's no indication that she won't come back in a few years, but at least won't kill any more people for the time being. Beware the Nice Ones: Faraday seems like a well-adjusted guy for most of the episode, but when a guy on the street tries to rob him, he plants the guy's own knife in his shoulder after overpowering himeven forbidding him to take it out instead letting the doctors do it. Makes for a great Brick Joke later on. Forbidding him to take the knife out is actually the nice coming back out - the robber could cause himself further injury by taking the knife out himself.

Black Widow: One of the quickest examples with the Deer Woman. Brick Joke: Shut up, Fuchs! Cute Mute: The Deer Woman before she reveals her intentions. Death by Sex: Christopher refuses to believe the girl's story, and he pleads for the whole truth. The girl starts again, in the second telling, her family is no longer happy nor loving; her father was an alcoholic, her mother an abortionist. She was taken in by a Buddhist priest, who, presumably, molested her and inspired an obsession with hell. Her father never died of lung disease — she beat him to death for raping her.

Again she tells of being sold into prostitutionbut gives a new version of the dark fate of Christopher's beloved Komomo. Despite the kindness of Komomo, who befriended her, the disfigured girl stole the jade ring and planted Komomo's hairpin to frame her — and after Komomo was torturedkilled her. She explains to Christopher that she intended to save Komomo from hell: Christopher, losing control, is desperately convinced something has been left out. He begs for the whole truth.

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