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Together, the two of them make a perfect pair that can cause chaos in any setting. Sailor Moon x Tuxedo Mask: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Episodes: Insanely popular, even today, Sailor Moon is a classic with a killer cast. Almost all of the characters are good looking. However, the main romance between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask truly takes the cake for being most attractive. Men are always supposed to look better when in tuxedos and women can rock them too! Tall and charming, his sharp features and tousled hair is a winning combination. Sailor Moon is a literal moon princess and so, naturally, she is the image of sheer perfection. With a slim body and beautiful blonde hair, her best feature is undeniably her welcoming smile.

Both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are beyond beautiful. Julia x Spike: Cowboy Bebop Episodes: Apr 3, to Apr 24, Basked in a puff of cigarette smoke, this tragic power couple possesses an alluring mystique. Their relationship is shrouded in a veil of mystery and magnetic desire that pulls these two lovers together despite the gravity of their surroundings. And, no matter how bad the situation gets, the duo still stuns visually. Spike is the epitome of cool. A true gunslinger, his cool charm and devil-may-care attitude are magnetic. Julia, while appearing less often in the anime, is a leggy, wistful looking blonde.

Together, the two play off like Bonnie and Clyde, with their devilish good looks and penchant for doom. Haruhi x Tamaki: Apr 5, to Sep 27, A relationship basked in secrecy is always tantalizing. Haruhi and Tamaki begin their love under the impression that Haruhi is, in fact, a man, and a member of the elite Ouran High School Host Club. Tamaki has an undeniable prince-like charm; tall, regal, and with wavy blonde hair. A wealthy Haruhi, though small and slight, has beautiful features that can pass as both masculine and feminine. Androgyny is certified as insanely attractive, and Haruhi exemplifies it perfectly. Adorable as a guy and stunning as a girl, she completes the oozing confidence of Tamaki perfectly.

This pair is perfect. Akihito x Mirai: The two pair together perfectly. While many of the couples on this list sizzle separately, these two truly complement each other. Mirai is soft, stylish, and cute. Her beauty is in her delicate features. Despite being shy, she is certainly still an attractive girl. Akihito is disheveled, with hazy, beckoning eyes.

His playful personality adds to his charm, and together, the two of them form a sweet yet delicious duo. Their undeniable visual appeal hottesf them solidly at number 5 on this list. Tomoya x Nagisa: Momfnts Episodes: Oct 5, to Mar 28, This pair is softer, portraying their high school love perfectly, and yet are still both beautiful people despite their age and the genre of the anime. Similar to Akihito and Mirai, the beauty of Tomoya and Nagisa is more gentle than some of the other red-hot options on this list. But their subdued attractiveness should not be ignored. Tomoya has the full charm of a cool guy in an anime, with dissolved hair, slightly wrinkled shirts, and brooding expressions.

Nagisa is small and stunning. Her eyes are wistful, large, and kind. Claire and Chane: Jul 27, to Nov 2, Sometimes it is just unfair when certain characters are only characters, and not real people. That is certainly the case for these two, who smolder on screen. Their beauty is haunting.

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Animr couple is brooding and intense, hottext both of them have an attractiveness that cannot be contained only on the screen. We have to start with this classic pairing. For U. However, in the original Japanese-language series, not only are the two clear about the fact that they are dating, but they daro often playfully joke daro it with subtle lines Datinv the momdnts. Sailor Uranus was notorious for hitting on Usagi all the time, hotest. They had the cutest teen romance ever, kicked ass together, and remained loyal to each other until the very end. They are also a canon LGBT couple according to this panel.

The cute affectionate moments the two have together are few and far between, as is any solid idea of their history, but what makes this couple so cool is how distinct and complex their personalities are. On the surface, Annime seems very sweet, but simmering underneath is a young woman with a lonely, nihilist, dark nature. On the surface, Ymir Datnig flighty, insensitive, and cruel, but hottesh is i much more sensitive and emotional than she lets on. LGBT fans of Legend of Korra had been picking up hints and chemistry between Korra and her best friend Asami through the entirety of the series, which concluded in When news came around that their relationship was indeed romantic both Korra and Asami are bisexual womenthe internet lost it.

Korra and Asami had the dopest relationship, from making fun of their mutual ex-boyfriend to being vulnerable with each other and going on fantastic adventures together. Legend of Korra is memorable for more than just their relationship, but that certainly made it even better. Sumika is a high school girl who is in love with her best friend Ushio, but can't bring herself to confess her feelings because Ushio is apparently really picky about the girls she dates. Sumika is tall, strong, and outgoing, but Ushio only seems to be into shy, cute girls. Throughout the two girls' storyline, we see interesting side stories as well that focus on lesbophobia and being young gay student in Japan.

Without running the risk of spoiling the entire anime series, we can confidently say that this is a rarity in yuri media. The story is incredibly relatable, and any closeted girl growing up could probably find parallels between her life and the events in Whispered Words. In this yuri series, lesbian high school student Fumi Manjome is reunited with her long-lost childhood friend Akira Okudaira. Fumi immediately falls in love with her after they reunite and the two become each other's rock during the tough times of high school. It is yet another fairly relatable story-- Fumi eventually comes out to her friend, who is supportive, but clearly unsure of how to act.

Sweet Blue Flowers is heartwarming and as cute as an anime can get. The dynamic between Akira and Fumi is incredibly relatable, especially for anyone that has fallen for a straight or closeted friend during adolescence. A junior high student named Utena attends the enigmatic Ohtori Academy, a school that has a curriculum based on duels between students in order to win the hand of Anthy Himemiya, also known as the "Rose Bride".

Enigmatic is a good way to describe this academy-- it is never really explained why students have cark do this. The school's Student Council also seems like some sort of luxuriously jottest mafia group with rose rings that prove their membership. Utena shows up and changes things up. Girls can only receive rings from momfnts, but Utena decides that she's going to be a naime instead. She wears Datng boy clothes and dedicates herself to protecting people from danger. Anthy is currently in an abusive slave-like relationship with her current fiancee, Saionji, but Utena quickly beats him in a duel and "acquires" Anthy. The two girls' relationship is mysterious but has sapphic overtones that are pretty hard to ignore.

The series was a critique of the mecha genre, dealt in-depth in psychology, and criticized what the future politics of Japan would become. Kaworu's screen time is minimal in the series, but his presence was significant. There's quite a bit of debate around their relationship. Kaworu's sexuality is fairly ambiguous but interesting, and it seems as though Shinji is fairly unsure of his own sexual identity. He is just a kid, after all. Kaworu offers Shinji his undying love, but it is unclear whether or not this is a tactic to disarm Shinji.

Shinji is an innocent and damaged young man, while Kaworu is spoiler alert not even a real human being. Their relationship is interesting to say the least, and many involved in Neon Genesis Evangelion's production agree that the two were some semblance of a gay couple.

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hoytest One notable couple was Touya and Yukito from Ij Sakura, who are a canon couple. Cardcaptor Sakura follows the story of a young girl named Sakura, who accidentally unleashes a set of magical cards that must be retrieved to prevent an apocalyptic future. Touya and Yukito are two of the magical girl's friends. Yukito expresses to Sakura on several occasions that he is in love with Touya. There are several scenes in the anime where Yukito and Touya make it clear that they are romantically involved, or at the very least honest with each other about their mutual feelings. Touya even gives up all of his magic to save Yukito's life when Sakura loses her power and is unable to sustain him.

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