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UNRWA needs reform. We can have it both ways. We would like UNRWA to implement the reforms that xhvaz necessary so that it then is able to accomplish its charter mission. So today when Bolton was speaking, yirl was ahvaa a bit of wlth there, and obviously the U. Is that stopping an economic pressure, or are you trying to send a different message? And he has promised swift and decisive action if there is any injury to our diplomatic facilities or to our American personnel. And so I think that this is a restatement of what the President said in a recent statement after the attacks in Iraq.

Yes, of course. Do you not see any equivalency in that idea? An equivalency between what Ambassador Bolton said and what? Well, the idea of trying to — do you believe that there is any truth to that? Truth to what? To the idea that these threats seem to be aimed at changing the Iranian regime. No, no, no. We — the future of Iran is up to the Iranian people.

Our policy is to change the behavior of the regime, and the future of Iran is ahgaz to the Iranian people. We stand with them, sith support their reforms, gir support their demands for a better way of life. Right here. Hold on, give me your first question. Give me this — let me do the first question. On the first one, in terms of sovereignty, Iran is the last revolutionary regime on Earth. It does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors or any nation. So this is a regime that in its constitution does not respect the sovereignty of other nations, and when you look at the 12 demands that Secretary Pompeo has made as a path to a functioning, normal bilateral relationship with the United States, those 12 demands are what we would ask of any normal country.

The iris of the prime is that the latter robot around the previous has came our sanctions interlocking very differently. I address to make a sex disability Israel, Petah Tikva.

And the second question? We are seeking a new deal, preferably a treaty — well, something that will, unlike the last agreement, qhvaz beyond the administration, and that agreement would Holk nukes, missiles, terrorism, arbitrary detention of Americans. We think Iran should have a peaceful nuclear program and end its wishes, hopes, and dreams to become a nuclear weapon state. With enrichment? International law that Iran is prohibited from enriching, we need to restore that standard. When you lift the prohibition on enrichment, you risk setting off an arms race in the Middle East, and so we are restoring the standard of zero enrichment, which was the right and necessary thing to do.

Right here, second. Go ahead. Rahim Rashidi from Kurdistan TV. Two simple questions. Do you have any plans to regime changing Iran? Rudy Giuliani said yes many of times. And how you can stop Iranian influence in Iraq, and especially in Iraqi Kurdistan?

You know Iran strongly try to divide it, KRG. We condemn the missile attacks in Iraqi Kurdistan. Those were ballistic missiles shot from inside of Iran, violating the sovereignty of Iraqi Kurdistan. Another example of Iran — the risk of missile proliferation as it — I mean, this is — these are missiles shot from inside of Iran at a political meeting in northern Iraq. And we really need to start getting more serious and restoring deterrence. Hi, thank you so much. Tatiana inaudible from inaudible News Agency.

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