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Florence gone but its flooding a crisis in parts of North Carolina -- live updates

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The Lubbock Police Department tweeted late Saturday that black ice and freezing fog were beginning to form on areas Interstate Police said they were "working about 20 wrecks due to these dangerous conditions. This is because of the black ice and freezing fog. Right now first responders are working about 20 wrecks due to these dangerous conditions. LubbockPolice December 9, Having done its work in Texas, the storm will move east and is expected to pound the Carolinas with heavy snow Sunday, followed by rain, Cabrera said. Sleet and flooding are also possible across the South. More than 1, Sunday flights into and out of North Carolina's Charlotte Douglas International Airport were canceled, according to flight tracking website FlightAware.

Virginia extends winter storm warning A winter storm warning is in effect for most of Virginia until to 2 p. Monday, Norman said. Virginia's western and central areas were also hit with snow. The city of Richmond and surrounding areas received about 9 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service in Wakefield, Virginia. Areas south of Richmond got 6 to 8 inches of snow, Norman said. Like it's neighboring states to the south, Virginia also saw power outages for thousands, and dozens of vehicle crashes. As of Sunday, there were more than 15, customers without power in the western part of the state, according to Appalachian Power.

In the Richmond area, Dominion Energy said there were more than 13, without power. Many people visited the dam on Sunday to take photos of the high water levels and water rushing from the dam. The current dam opened in January, Hope Mills officials say. He cited neighbors who said that a "tree crashed into home Floodwaters from Florence are lapping at doorsteps of some homes in the town of Bennettsville, South Carolina, where firefighters used an inflatable boat to get some residents to dry ground. Heavy rain from the remnants of Hurricane Florence caused the street to flood Sunday on Talon Drive where Mildred Smith lives across the street from her niece, Jovanaka Smith. Water had seeped to their front porches Sunday afternoon when firefighters came to the neighborhood, wading door-to-door through ankle-deep water and asking residents to leave.

The Smiths packed some spare clothes and medications before getting into a rescue boat. They didn't have to go far. Firefighters dropped them off at the neighboring home of a relative that remained on dry ground. Items hang on a close line over floodwaters from Florence in Marion, S. Duke spokeswoman Paige Sheehan said Sunday that a full assessment of how much ash escaped at the Sutton Power Station outside Wilmington can't occur until it stops raining. She said there was no indication that contamination from Sutton Lake drained into the nearby Cape Fear River. The company initially estimated on Saturday that about 2, cubic yards of ash were displaced at the landfill, which is enough to fill about dump trucks.

Sheehan said that estimate could be revised after a further examination of conditions at the site. The donation will be sent to organizations that will address "the immediate needs of those impacted" by the storm in North and South Carolina. Despite a mandatory evacuation and a power outage, many in Jacksonville, North Carolina, insisted on staying. They ended up becoming witnesses of devastating floods. Florence continues to bring devastation, but not despair. From this city and beyond, people are arriving to help the stranded. Staff Sgt. Cali Sterling, the fiance of a marine, joined them. There's people freaking out.

Rescuing Florence victims Fayetteville's "Rude Awakening index" Some officials rely on the "Waffle House index" to determine how serious a storm is. If the Waffle House is closed, the storm is really, really bad. Arnold said the shop only shuts down if it loses power, which it did in during Hurricane Matthew. But as of Sunday afternoon, the shop still had its lights on and was open for business -- even as others nearby were boarded up and had sandbags piled in front of their doors. Meanwhile, long lines were forming at gas stations Sunday as a persistent rain fell.

Many of the city's stations are out of fuel. Debbie Randolph says she and her husband called one station that said they had 5, gallons -- and 60 people waiting to fill up. Gloria Sanders, 87, is helped by first responders as they evacuate an assisted living facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on Sat. Hope Mills Mayor Jackie Warner said Sunday morning that the warning went out to neighborhoods around Hope Mills Lake because the water there is expected to rise significantly. She said fire and police officials were going door to door in the affected neighborhoods Sunday morning to make sure people are aware. Warner said a complete dam failure is not expected.

So far, she says the lake hasn't overflowed its banks.

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Stephens said rivers and streams have been rising due to large amounts of rain from Florence and power is out in a large swath of the county. Stephens says the county's secondary roads are "almost impassable" and water is covering part of one main highway, U. Stephens said some of the people were rescued from vehicles that ran into deep water. Paducah and Cairo Minor to moderate flooding continues along portions of the Ohio River. Crests are expected along most points over the next 24 to 72 hours. Paducah is expected to crest near flood stage of 39 feet early Thursday morning. River levels are then forecast to fall below flood stage by later this week or weekend at all locations besides Cairo which will continue until further notice.

Never drive cars The water may be too deep to allow safe passage. Never allow children to play in or near flood waters. Additional information is available at http: The first gate is closed at Cairo. Crest near flood stage by after midnight tomorrow and continue steady near The river will fall below flood stage by late Saturday morning. Minor flooding occurs affecting mainly bottomland and surrounding low lying areas. The river will continue to fall to below flood stage by after midnight tomorrow. Minor flooding occurs. The river is feet wide and begins covering agricultural land on the Kentucky side.

The river will fall below flood stage Thursday afternoon. Myers Dam. The river will fall below flood stage Saturday morning. Menominee River near Vulcan affecting Dickinson Persons with interests along this river need to prepare for flooding. Stay tuned for further updates on this flooding situation. The river will fall below flood stage by late Thursday morning. Structures along the river along Homestead Road and Sturgeon Way Road may start to be impacted by floodwaters. The Flood Warning continues for the following rivers in Michigan Menominee River near Niagara affecting Dickinson Florence and Marinette Counties The next scheduled routine statement will be issued tomorrow morning.

A recreational area and parking lot near the gage begins to flood. Flooding is mainly confined to wooded lowland areas. This stage compares to a flow of cubic feet per second at White Rapids Dam. The river will fall below flood stage by Friday before midnight. Floodwaters reach the Aurora Fire Protection station. Menominee River near Florence affecting Dickinson Forecast flooding increased from Minor to Moderate Severity Floodwaters affect homes along Runbers road in Florence county.

This stage compares to a flow rate of cubic feet per second at the Brule Dam. At cfs, floodwaters wpeed a seasonal home on a private drive off Runbers Road. The flood warning continues for the following rivers in Illinois Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau Thebes and New Madrid. Moderate flooding is occurring at Cape Girardeau and Thebes, but water levels continue to fall very slowly.

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At New Madird, minor spedd continues, with a forecast crest expected near Additional rises are possible. The river will continue steady near The river will fall below flood stage Wednesday Weatjer 1 before midnight. Heavy agricultural damage begins. The flood gate at Broadway closes. The Flood Warning continues for the following rivers in Louisiana Calcasieu River Near Glenmora The river will remain near 7. At stages near 7. Buildings at the foot of Ann Street on the river side of the flood wall will flood as water overtops the Rio Oil Company dock. Buildings on the river side of the Berwick floodwall will flood. River traffic restrictions will be strictly enforced.

The image to the right is a zoomed in view of the spred track product across central and eastern portions of the RAH Peopke with the tracks of the tornadoes that occurred in the RAH CWA shown in black click on it to enlarge. While the pfople tracks show a general northeast motion, the tracks are nonlinear and wobble somewhat as datig storm structure evolves and as the tornado vortex interacts with the varied terrain and land uses. Note that the rotational track product uses radar data in the lowest 3km of the atmosphere that is blended from multiple radar sites. Because of this and with fast moving, tilted thunderstorms, the rotational track product will not match the tornado track exactly.

Some of the cell-based hail information has been raleiigh into high-resolution gridded products that allow users to diagnose which portions of storms contain large hail. One such product is the "Hail Swath" product which accumulates hail size data over a period of time to provide hail swath maps, estimating both maximum hail size by location, and hail damage potential a combination of hail size and how long the hail has been falling. The track of several hail producing supercells that moved across central and eastern North Carolina is clearly visible. The color scale on the image indicates the maximum expected hail size during the period with the light blue area indicating hail estimated at around a half inch in diameter, the darker blue area indicating hail greater than an inch in diameter, and the lighter green area indicating hail potentially larger than an inch and a half.

In the RAH CWA, the hail swath product highlighted eastern Harnett and Johnston Counties as locations with potentially the largest hail and there were numerous reports of golf ball size hail 1. The hail swath product also highlighted small portions of Sampson County where 2 inch diameter hail was reported and Wake County where 1. The image above and to the right is a zoomed in view of the hail swath product across central and eastern portions of the RAH CWA with the tracks of the tornadoes that occurred in central North Carolina shown in black click on it to enlarge. In general, the radar estimated hail swaths were located to the north and west of tornado track which is consistent with a conceptual model of a tornado producing supercell thunderstorm.

Ortega, Travis M. Smith, and Gregory J. Regional Radar Loop The regional reflectivity image to the right click to on this link to enlarge is from UTC on 16 April and shows several supercells moving across central and eastern North Carolina. The 3 different images to the right correspond to the 3 different types of imagery available in the various loops below. Note the clear hook signature on the thunderstorms near Clinton and northwest of Goldsboro. Another supercell which produced the Fayetteville-Smithfield tornado would produce a second tornado near Micro about 10 minutes after this radar image was generated.

The supercell that had produced the Sanford-Raleigh tornado was located over northeastern Franklin and southern Warren Counties at the time of this radar image. This same supercell would produce the Roanoke Rapids tornado about 25 minutes after this radar image was produced. During this event, the SPC meso-analysis products were consulted frequently to monitor the evolving environment, and locate the region of the greatest tornado threat. The images and discussion below highlight several of the SPC meso-analysis products that provide insight into the evolution of the severe weather event. It should be noted that the SPC meso-analysis products are based on a combination of observed fields and RUC forecasts which are used for the background field and upper-air data for the analysis.

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