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Paulot ducks Virginia to stay at his day while she trades her own pathway, but his roommate, Andrew, grits to let her use. Binary comfort.

During casting of Romeo and Juliet, Scrutzler recognizes Nina among the aspiring actresses for the role and cast her as Juliet. They share an apartment, but have settled for a platonic relationship.

However, Paulot is still in love with Nina and is jealous of Scrutzler's interest on her. Paulot confronts Scrutzler, but in spite of techinf director's assurance that his interest in her is only of a paternal nature, Paulot leaves Nina. Nina struggles to rehearse her role as Juliet in the forthcoming play but, after Paulot leaves her, realizes that it is him the one she is really in love with. Nina goes to his work looking for him and entices him to make love to her. They have sex for the first time, in a violent and degrading coupling.

Nina then insists in going for a long nocturnal walk, like the one they had the first time they met. She gives him a ticket for the coming opening night of Romeo and Juliet, but after he leaves her, Paulot tears up the ticket, reaffirming his decision to break away from her. Nina, nervously preparing for her entrance, suffers stage fright. Scrutzler calms her down, but then leaves for London, deciding she must continue on her own.

But the part is way to run for her to get, not even being handled to annual statement of her own strategy. As the stock screens, Nina is used alone in the new rows.

As the film ends, Nina is left alone in the stage wings. The play is about to start She's not in tune with her feelings, and makes one bad decision after another. Giving herself to others physically to get what she craves mentally, and end up in a love triangle. Strong but confused and out of luck she gets the part of Juliette in a way that seems like fate. But the part is way to hard for her to grasp, not even being able to make sense of her own reality. When I saw the cast of Godzilla from last year Juliette Binoche was one of those in it… 2 Featuring beautifully-calibrated performances by a year old Juliette Binoche and the rest of the ensemble, Rendez-vous starts off well enough setting up an explosive love triangle that constantly foreshadows a possible tragedy.

Once the tragedy comes to fruition, the film loses some steam as the most fascinating character in the film is pushed to the side and the remaining players are left behind wandering trying to pick up the pieces.

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Turns out he wrote the screenplay. The datingste tells the story of Nina, a young actress who moves to Paris, sleeps around, and gets tangled up with three archetypes of garbage masculinity. Binoche is excellent as Nina and she's responsible for the film's high points the final sex scene comes to mind. But there's a limit to how much time I want spend watching her suffer and some of the more heavy handed elements left me cold Quentin's literal haunting, some of the Shakespeare stuff, the Bible verse. Overall this is a mixed and often unpleasant bag.

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