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However, here's some food for thought though: You seem to imply that the reason for German "success" in murdering Jews was somehow linked to "Polish anti-Semitism. In case you got this far I hope you enjoyed what you read and that you could get a better image of what you might expect to see in Warsaw. Do widzenia, bye! As promised here is a list plus a map with all the recommended places: I can very much recommend this place. Vegemiasto Especially known for its generous offer on vegan cakes. Vegan Bistro This place was recommended to me by a polish girl via Instagram.

This place is awesome for Vegans or anyone really who want to taste some real authentic polish food. It is situated on the other side of the river and is a bit far off but with public transport you get there quite easily. This museum has declared it its mission to save the last neon signs from extinction and pay them tribute in their exhibition.

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