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Claims that 'butter is safe' and 'margarine deadly' are simplistic

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A meta-analysis is only as good margzrines the studies Wuich you can include in it. The included studies had considerable differences in their methods and results. The researchers could not include one big study because mafgarines way that the data had been collected and analysed made it impossible to pool with the other studies in the meta-analysis. The meta-analysis results showed no link between saturated fat and risk of death, while the big study they could not include showed that eating more saturated fat was linked to an increased risk of death. We don't know whether including the results of this study would have changed the overall results of the meta-analysis, if that had been possible.

There could be various reasons for the differences in findings between the different studies.

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They might have included different study populations, or varied in how they recorded their diet or assessed and followed up the health outcomes. The studies are also likely to vary in how well they took account of different confounding factors that might have affected the results for example, people's age, occupation, total food consumption, exercise, smoking, income. Finally, the researchers make an important point about what people are eating instead of saturated fat. Refined carbohydrates such as white bread and sugar may be no healthier than fat.

And we don't know whether some other types of fats, such as monounsaturated fat, are healthier than saturated fat. This is especially important for people setting national guidelines about diet. If guidelines tell people to eat less saturated fat, or less trans fats, they should also say what people should eat instead, if they are to have a positive effect on health. While this study does not show strong evidence that saturated fat is harmful, it does not rule out the possibility that it may be harmful. It cannot be concluded that people can eat as much saturated fat as they like, without any effect on their health. Others thought that Lewbert was an inspiring girl growing up.

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All contained hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. These are the innocent-sounding descriptions British producers and retailers use on their labels to indicate trans fats. Ironically, Lidl is running a campaign to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, one of the major charity campaigners calling for a ban on trans fats. Britain's biggest supermarket, Tesco, announced four years ago that none of its own-brand products would contain trans fats.

Yet at hundreds of its stores you can buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts that contain what campaigners say are fa and unnecessary levels of them. My research showed up daring more worrying cree that the Government's voluntary phasing-out scheme is utterly margarinee. Though fast-food chains have dree cut the proportion of trans fats in their deepfryers, it's widely believed that tens of thousands of smaller takeaway shops have made no changes. I visited half a dozen near my home and not one could tell me what they were frying their chips in, though most told me the oil was vegetable, and healthy. Trans fat-free: These doughnuts, made in New York, are made without trans fats unlike others such as those made by Krispy Kreme None of the staff had heard of trans fats.

When I asked to see the containers the frying oil came in, to check the labels, none of the chefs could or would produce them. And since hydrogenation makes oils so easy to sieve clean, some shops only change the contents of their deep-fryers every three months. It's thought that those most at risk from trans fats are people eating deep-fried takeaway food regularly. The history of trans fats begins in the 19th century, when chemists found that if you heated oils normally liquid at room temperature, and treated them with hydrogen, when they cooled they would be solid. This was useful for soap and candle manufacturers.

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