How to hook up sub and amp to factory radio

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How to hook up an amp and sub to a stock stereo.

Check the agreements included with your payment-out converter, simple and amplifier for calculating installation instructions for your system. You could cap your personal signal right at the u subwoofer in the Cadillac. Frank January 29, at 9:.

If your amplifier accepts line level signals only, you will need to cut the wires coming from the back of your head unit and splice them to the corresponding wires on a line-out converter. This converter can then be connected directly to your amplifier's line level inputs. Check the manuals included with your line-out converter, stereo and amplifier for complete installation instructions for your system. Step 4 Connect your amplifier to your speaker by running the positive and negative speaker wires to the proper terminals on your speaker.

Most amplifiers will have outputs for at least two speakers. You could add additional subs to your system using these outputs. Make sure your speaker's impedance in ohms matches the output impedance of your amplifier. If you installed a powered sub, you will not need to connect the amplifier and speaker, as they are already connected. Connect the ground from the amplifier to the chassis. Power on your car and stereo system and test your subwoofer for output. Step 7 Hook up both the positive and negative cables to the amp and find a grounding point within range of the negative cable.

You can connect the ground wire to any secure metal piece on the frame of the car that does not have paint on it. Step 8 Run speaker wire from the outputs, located on the back of the head unit, to the amp, being sure the sound wires run on the opposite side of the car from the power wires.

Otherwise you may hear static interference through your speakers. Step 9 Run speaker wire from the speaker outputs on the amp to each speaker or subwoofer you wish to be powered by the amp. Connect the speakers to the speaker wires using electrical tape or wire nuts. Tip If the red cable already has a fuse on it, make sure the fuse stays in the engine compartment. And if you ever did want to change the stereo, keep a look out for Alpine and iDatalink. So in the future there may be some nice options. Bill January 29, at 9: Two questions: Does tieing an LOC in parallel to the speaker circuit effect the circuit impedance?

Annie February 4, at 5: I think maybe you just mean running along side with rear speakers operating. So you can and are supposed to have your LOC installed along side your rear speakers. I hope that makes sense! Tejas January 28, at 5: Next how do i connect the wires in any case?? Do i have to keep the harness plugged into the head unit or do i have to keep it unplugged as i read somewhere you cannot power the speakers from both factory hu and amp simultaneously. And while feeding the amp output back to speakers n subs we connect speaker wires to each speaker leads, so whats the difference between amp input signal n amp output signal, its confusing me as for eg. February 4, at 5: You can take the speaker leads off the back of the stock stereo and route them directly to your amp.

The LOC is your input signal. That is feeding the actual audio signal to the amp.

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The amplifier amplifies that an signal and feeds ractory the speaker t. Adam December 10, at Annie February 5, at 1: I think he only does this in cars that have a stock amp and have a direct low noise pre-amp level audio signal. Hope that helps. Chris December 2, at 2: Should I tap into wires that input into the bose amp or the output wires and which colors. Please help. OnDemand lists black as negative and white as positive on the stock subs. Other wise, probably behind the radio. Hugo September 7, at 1: Sounds great only one problem when car goes on or off i get an annoying distortion sound on subwoofer.

Annie October 3, at 1: Try switching the source for your remote turn on lead to a different accessory power source. Charles August 20, at 9: What would work best? Annie October 3, at When in doubt, I would go straight to the stock sub.

I wed in this would they used a nutshell gamut input converter since you did they paid RCA cables. Incident 13, at 4:.

Sy July 8, at 9: Keith April 17, at Where is the best place to hook up a line output converter when adding an amp for a sub? I may have missed it somewhere. Thanks in advance. Annie April 18, at 1: Like a positive one side of sub and negative on other side of factory sub? Annie April 3, at 6: The stock amp really is not powerful enough nor designed to run the impedance of your MTX. So definitely get the LOC and a separate amp to power your MTX — you could also get an amp that has the LOC built into it too, but either way definitely just grab your signal from the stock sub, but use that signal to feed a dedicated amp to power your MTX.

Fred hamdun February 16, at I want to add amps and a sub. The car is canbus equipped.

How do I get a clean signal for amps. Anything I add must be tied in post factory amp. I need to clean the heavily processed signals. I will tune via aftermarket amps. Not interested in complicated dsp… February 16, at You might want to would wait to see what JL comes up with, but it may be another 9 months or so before they release anything. They talked about this very problem at CES recently and they are in the process of designing a new product which tackles this exact issue. You can read more about the new JL Audio processor herescroll towards the bottom of the post. With this processor you also have the option of using a digital aux in so for a dedicated super high fidelity source, you can use an iPod running through a high quality digital to analog convertor straight into the processor.

With Audison I had many defective units and it would take months, even over a year in one occasion, to have them repaired or exchanged one of the reasons we stopped carrying them. Sometimes you really only need to use two audio signals.

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