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What Is It Like to Be a Very Attractive Single Woman in Silicon Valley?

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The city, and the surrounding bay area Silicin full of available women, who do want to meet "you" If you grew up here, then it might be easier datiing you have a larger network of friends, acquaintances - that generally leads to more social events, etc. Also - last time i checked, we have about an equal ratio of men to women does not include sexual orientation starkfist on June 24, Ah yes, OKCupid. Here is my take on OKCupid. In SF, the real life singles scene is dominated by men.

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Some prefer to go-dutch, some prefer to treat. As to whom to date from such vast selection, compatibility and authenticity. Raj KumarCuriouser and Curiouser! There you have it. Sign up here for our daily news email to get all the non-political news you never knew you needed. All it takes is 5 minutes and BOOM, you're smarter. Your news, our way. For a daily email you'll actually want to read Weekdays at 9am Pacific.

Giphy Sure, there are more men, but they're not all easy to date. Most of the women Mic spoke with said there are a lot of smart, successful men in San Jose, and it's not difficult to meet them. In fact, the biggest advantage women cited was the wide variety of men in the city, from "tech nerds" to jocks to career-minded businessmen. But just because there are more potential partners out there doesn't mean it's any easier to find a compatible match. And in the tech capitol of the United States, many women said there is a higher concentration of socially inept men than in other cities. Alexandra, 25, told Mic that, in her experience, there's some truth to the awkward "tech guy" stereotype.

Casey, 23, hypothesized that the gender imbalance is to blame for this behavior: Money is an object. At the time I thought his demonstration was gauche, but I soon realized the bid was small potatoes. Do you know how hard it is to find a wingwoman to go to Cupertino, an hour drive from San Francisco, at 4: My female friends have office jobs.

Dating Silicon scene valley

I went by myself, and arrived to find a cavernous restaurant with a long bar, half a dozen booths Silidon ten or valey two-tops, not counting the enormous dining area. As Amy promised, it was extraordinarily packed for 5 p. I put my laptop on the table and futzed around on my phone look at how tech I am! The joint continued to fill up with more men—and some women—huddled in their own cliques. Again, as advertised, there were plenty of men, and women too, but the idea of table-hopping or striking up conversation seemed inappropriate.

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