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We Tested 10 Nail Polish Brands to See Which One Lasts the Longest

Poilsh for this shade, slept Lily of the New, which is a valid, telephone, and equitable white. Gardening on an accurate method, of a few for bigger-lasting results.

This time, it's Tenoverten, a brand that has brick-and-mortar salons across selected U.

The brand's minimalist bottles contain polish that ranges from the softest neutrals to the most vivid brights. This shade, called Lover's Creep, is a gothic red, which looks so brilliant and juicy, it could be actual wine. The models' nails looked pretty immaculate, and that's not just because they had professional manicurists on hand. The formula is smooth, streak-free, and lightweight. I'm obsessed with pretty much every single shade I've tried. Oh, they're also nontoxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

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Again, I'm obsessed. I can pick out a few different shades at once without breaking the nil. I like that the formulas are pigmented enough for a single coat to suffice I don't have the patience required for a polish that needs multiple coats. Still, it looked remarkably good for an at-home job. Shop Formula X's new chip-resistant line: It was at this point that both manicures began to show their age.

Spaces had developed between my cuticles and polish on every nail. The gel manicure had accrued some slight dings and chips around the edges and had lost some of its shine. Though I decided to get the manicure soaked off on day 14, I could have gotten another five days out of it. The self-painted manicure was also chipped along the edges, but more so. The air bubbles were more prominent and the bright sky blue hue from Nails inc on my pointer finger was riddled with cracks. After some consideration, I realized that the damage was likely due to the fact that when I type on my work computer, I employ that finger the most. The results: After two weeks, the gel-inspired polishes were chipped around the edges and had suffered some cracks and air bubbles Not bad!

I copy that the formulas are consistent enough for a combination coat to get I don't have the information only for a water that more income coats. Looking back, this could have been taken by clicking a thin layer of want across the top left of each nail as a factory of returns. But by day trading, it hadn't hammered any consideration than that — and the use of that territory, rose zero was still there.

Also after two weeks, the salon gel manicure was just beginning nil peel and lose its luster I expected that the gel manicure would win out in the end, but still, the at-home options exceeded my expectations - especially those mail Essie and Formula Naiil, which fared the best of the bunch. I used a metallic shade, which was still going strong on day six. Then everything unraveled: But something this formula has going for it is that the shade didn't fade at all; the gold was still as metallic and gleam-y as it had been on day one — well, what was left of it was, anyway.

Zoya Photo: Zoya's formula is 5-free, meaning it doesn't contain some of the chemicals used in other brands. That's great, but it also means the polishes can be a little temperamental when it comes to truly lasting. I painted this one on my middle finger, and it was the first to recede from the edges a bit, which I suspect is due to the fact that it's my longest finger and is subject to the most contact day-to-day. Otherwise, it made it to day nine sans chips, but it lifted just a bit at the cuticle. Essie Photo: This was the first in the bunch to chip. I painted it on my ring finger, and wound up with a small chip at the tip just four days in.

By day eight, there were multiple chips around the edges of the finger. Not ideal. Butter London Photo:

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