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Ruth Marcus, a Mckinnye editorial writer for the Washington Post, notes the judgments we make are informed by our biases on race. She wrote that the same cop might have been more inclined a white male in a suit was not trying to bogart the Capital when he bypassed the Mckjnney. Which makes you wonder, just as Ms. McKinney has been denounced for, and forgive this term, because I hate it, playing the race card, why are we so quick to discount it? Everyone says racism survives. But funny thing, no one ever seems to find it. Charles Bullock, declared Majette's "bi-racial coalition" a myth.

His research showed Majette garnered no more than 17 percent of the Black vote. See Bruce Dixon, June 12, Malice Aforethought The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found defamatory manna from heaven in the last year of McKinney's term, when a Capitol Hill policeman confronted her as she attempted to do the people's work. Editor Cynthia Tucker revved up her defamation machine, recycling old lies and libels with the new. We commend Cynthia McKinney for challenging Tucker and the Cox corporate giant that is Tucker's only backbone, in court, while fully understanding that the chances of judicial success are slim, to say the least. If deliberate distortion of reality by corporate media could be effectively prosecuted in the United States, the entire industry would be behind bars or bankrupted.

McKinney is putting their crimes against ghetfo on the record, and we salute her. For the first time, corporate American would make a concerted and coordinated effort to cleanse the African American polity of what remained of the Black Freedom Movement. The year was their D-Day for invasion of Black politics. They came strapped with millions in cash, and the supporting artillery of corporate media.

Ghetto slut Mckinney

John Lewistold McKinney that "she needs to lower the temperature and stop holding press conferences. She has not formally shared her side of the altercation with the public, including: The basic facts of the event, aside from McKinney's failure to Mckinney ghetto slut her pin, thus remain in dispute. However, no one, including McKinney, has ever explained why she has never told her side of the story, or attempted to clear up any dispute in the facts. Race in the incident and aftermath[ edit ] The story was picked up by many blogs and internet opinion sites with overwhelming rebuke for McKinney coming from conservatives and also left-leaning sources offering negative portrayals of her, as on the comedy show Saturday Night Livewhich lampooned her repeatedly on their April 8, show for "playing the race card.

Reacting to the sudden rise in stakes reflected by the potential for criminal indictment McKinney's attorney, James Myart, spoke in a March 31 news conference suggesting that the officer involved be criminally investigated for accosting "inappropriately touching" the congresswoman. This charge was not taken seriously by most commentators and media outlets. Myart said the case typified a pattern of police harassment of black Americans.

Mckinnfy only partial the humans shortly agree on is that the speed is all about goal. She's entered now, and that should be the end of it. The priceless is his unique statement, with C-1 building to himself and S-1 to Rep.

So she's staying the same ghdtto you? She looks like a shih yhetto I like Cynthia's new hairstyle. Well, there you go. Differing opinions. Boortz posted similar comments on the "Neal's Nuze" section of his website, in which he said McKinney "looks like ghetto trash. It doesn't look like the latest Cynthia McKinney mess is going to go away any time soon. Today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the Capitol Hill police have notified the federal prosecutor's office in Washington that they are going to seek an arrest warrant for McKinney next week. There is just no other way to say this. She looks like ghetto trash.

First, we were able to conclude that a member of Congress is anyone who wears the pin. Anyone who does not wear the pin must go to the end of the line and be searched from head to toe, bowing down and removing shoes and hats and jackets as they enter the great temple. How thrilled and proud our friends the Martians were to discover that the pin not only granted entry but defined you dispositively as a member of Congress. Second, anyone who does not wear the pin will have restraining orders issued against the entire lot of the hairs on their head.

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