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Sexual trafficking, forced prostitution stir little outrage in U.S.

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The 9 same people who built RatethatRescue, also built the slanderous site which is a direct attack 10 upon Sex Workers Anonymous and Jody Williams personally at 11 12 13 DOE defendants 1 through 10, inclusive, are sued herein under fictitious names. Their 14 true names and capacities are unknown to plaintiffs. When their true names and capacities are 15 ascertained, plaintiffs will amend this second amended complaint by inserting their true names 16 and capacities. Plaintiffs are informed, believes, and thereon alleges that each of the fictitiously 17 named defendants is responsible in some manner for the occurrences, events, and happenings 18 19 herein alleged and caused injuries and damages to plaintiffs as herein alleged.

There is help out there which can protect you. SWA has members down in Florida which we can send to help you. Beware of everyone now - including phony producers, phony attorney's, all kinds of "wolves in sheep's clothing" who have an agenda right now going involving a lot of money, and covering a lot of asses, etc. In all those years, we've only lost ONE person, Jeane, when she didn't listen to our advice. I had told her not to go to her mother's that evening and to let us stash her somewhere safe off the grid. If she'd done that, I believe she'd be alive today. You can call us toll free from any payphone even at any time of night or day.

We always have someone in recovery answering our hotline who understands everything you're going through. Beware of women in the industry who claim they can get you "out". If they can't protect themselves from these guys, and they can't get out, then how in the hell can they know how to help you get out safely? Use your head girl! The people who sent you to Florida are not your friend.

Look at what happened. Sex workers anonymous and jody williams. sexual quotes have said back sexuap at our main office that this was going sexal be their next move - and we were right. Maxine, Bella, they're not "out". What do they know about leaving this network of people who extend clearly across the whole USA? Nancy has done nothing but try and block people from finding help from us - or any help at all and your story is more proof of woekers. Please be careful Celeste and try to reach jod when you can. I STILL don't hear anyone calling us up talking about what they're going to do about the fact not only are these programs and task forces REFUSING to even allow us to attend their meetings, let alone be involved in any capacity, but further our groups which meet aexual these area's have all reported back to us they were being threatened away from doing outreach, holding meetings, or even speaking to women like this Celeste calling our hotline.

My complaints to the anonymoux of the threats we've been receiving steadily now since when we get calls from women like her to "back off" speaking to them are also going unresponded to. Also for this same time period, we've seen over and over again where we're excluded, the problem is at it's highest because of police either being the traffickers, or customers AND traffickers, at the same time. Believe it or not, Narcotics Anonymous has the SAME problem as this back in the 's and with cops involved within using drugs and dealing. They found a way to work around it.

So I'm asking - what are we going to do to change this problem? Money which was supposed to be helping women like Celeste to get services - was just put into people's pockets which these cops also actively blocked her from getting any help and then threatening us when we take calls from girls like her. For years, when a woman was convicted of prostitution she could ask the judge to be given the "alternative" to sentencing and attend our 12 step meetings at Sex Workers Anonymous. Here's the ironic part - I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement! The victims weren't able to get victim assistance because the system said they were "criminals".

So I was told if we got federal recognition then they would start paying for this services. Only what happened was like a bomb went off. Across the country we had been providing programs for prostitutes where they came to our meetings instead of being incarcerated. It was working. In fact if you read "Leaving Prostitution" which is a 10 year study into program to help women leave prostitution - ours was the most effective. Suddenly, it just stops. It gets yanked out from under us and cops, judges, social workers, probation officers, are all told if they refer to us they'll be fired. They don't understand. I don't understand.

The women running our meetings move the meetings to another site and we start being stalked and threatened. They were literally having people leave gas cans on their porn or breaking into their homes and only taking the SWA literature out of their homes. I'm trying to figure out what's going on.

Those quotfs were leaving our alternative sentencing programs were literally framed and setup. The woman running our Carson Sec program was set up and charged with elder abuse and got sentenced to five years. She was totally framed. I'm trying to figure out what on earth hit us. My sponsor says "go back to basics" so I call up the Los Angeles womens jail. They supposedly have an overcrowding problem and they let me take women out in - maybe they will now.

Williams. and sexual Sex workers quotes jody anonymous

Only they literally told me "we don't have any prostitutes in our jail". Speaking through an interpreter, she told about the time in D. But she said the woman who ran the brothel assured her everything would be fine. It was fine if you consider wrestling with Hannibal Lecter fine. The john clawed at this woman, gouging her flesh, peeling the skin from wil,iams. back and other parts of her body. Qotes was badly injured. According to the government, the owrkers was caught up in a prostitution and trafficking network that ruthlessly exploited young Korean women, some of whom "were smuggled into the country illegally.

While we are a 12 step program, and therefore anyone, with a desire to leave any part, of the sex industry can join us for help to leave, and recover, from this — sometimes this means the person is a sex trafficking victim. This can make the situations differ greatly, and are not issues programs like Alcoholics Anonymous has to deal with. Neither Narcotics Anonymous. For example, neither of those programs have anyone forcing them at gunpoint to be drinking or using, nor paying their rent by drinking or using. Which makes programs that address sex trafficking, but not sex work even more confusing.

Further, what if someone stood at the door of an NA meeting and only allowed in young heterosexual women — while shutting out any males, transgenders, or any LGBT, as well as Jewish or Buddhist people. What is NA wrote their Basic Text to only speak about the female addict — while acting like there was no such thing as a male addict.

Whilst, what I'm seeing them do to these trades in these "conditions" reminds me of International Germany. It's why we think as a "go between" and the journalists construction the libraries through our website so the origins can get "paid" also.

Actually Alcoholics Anonymous used to be this way with respect to males. It willias. many years for the first female addict to come to the doors of AA — but even so she was welcomed. Which is why in Sex Workers Anonymous — we accept anyone, male or female, sexual orientation, religion or lack of religion, race, cultural identity, etc. The general police attitude towards a person who appeared to be ane prostitute back then was not kind or friendly, let alone helpful. The fact that I was a prostitute making the report negated the whole process.

When there were very brave US attorneys who challenged this wording and tried to apply these funds and resources to help the now recognized American trafficking victims through people like myself and Linda Lovelace, these US attorneys were all fired for no good reason. There are two sides of the trafficking issue right now coexisting on the same playing field. You have the victims who have become survivors who are speaking their truth, and those who are coming forward to genuinely help in this fight to stop sex trafficking.

I watched Linda Lovelace get up and tell the American public about being forced to film Deep Throat at gunpoint. I had become part of a step group, which taught me that I had to also go out and carry the message to those who still suffered.

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