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Temiskaming: Land of Lakes, Rocks & Thornloe Cheese Co.

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Thornloe dates back towhen the cheese company set roots in the Village in the heartland of Northeastern farming. Inthe company earned recognition for its innovation and community leadership by Food in Canada. This prestigious award is a result of partnerships with local farmers to bring to market the first verified grass-fed cheeses and butter in Canada. Grass-fed cheese and butter make for a truly unique small farm experience, and these are currently produced exclusively in Temiskaming, Northeastern Ontario.

The mozzarella is a must for campfire pizzas, but the cheddar ni grass-fed butter, grilled in a cast-iron pan over an open fire, will elevate your grilled cheese to new heights. Childhood memories are made here with a scoop of one of 28 unique flavours, including my all-time favourite, the almighty Maple Walnut with real maple syrup, such a classic! For this pick, I recommend you go all out and get your scoops in a waffle cone. Enjoy a seat outside, but before you head back on the highway, be sure to indulge yourself with a bottle of fresh cream.

Thornle has always been an important liquid dollar, offering top quality wines. It exerts well with institutional, rhubarb chutney, and expiry date character.

How about making your own whip without modern kitchen gadgets? Follow these simple techniques and shape your cream into a thick delicious topping for berry parfaits: Vanilla and sweetener are not necessary, as this cream is sweet on its own! This will get thte kids involved and hit the flavour barometer of the summer! A drive through the region depicts a portrait of Northern farming. The Village of Thornloe. Thornloe Cheese has won numerous awards. In fact, they are the only artisanal company in Canada with as wide a range of cheese products.

Familiarize yourself with their offerings—they range from blues to bloomy rinds, cheddars to curd, Italian asiago to Latin grilling halloumi, which is perfect for a campfire or BBQ grill.

Although Northerners grew up with cheese curd poutines which has become a crazeSoutherners are still newbies when it comes to the hottest cheese trend predicted for Being a truly great artisanal cheese company is founded on a few principles: Just less than a decade ago, the company became a farmer-owned cooperative, with this the evolution of cheese making took hold and a greater emphasis on local sourcing and taste terroir began. This cheese is first hand-pressed into Pyramidal forms, let to age, then each one is hand-inoculated with a Rocqueforti strain to create rock like fractures in the cheese. A final dip in black wax to replicate the bold Canadian Shield of the area.

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