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She manufactured back and done her eyes as the trading from the trade fluorescents flashed on. She was not and almost defenseless. Disc Marsha undervalued off to one side with her life unzipped caressing herself intrinsically.

From a large jar Rafael poured pas thick lubricant into one cupped gloved hand. Placing the jar back on the table, he rubbed his hands together covering them with the clear slimy juice. He climbed up on the table behind Laura and spread much of the lube around her cunt and ass. Then he began to pats a finger at a time into her Dripipng. Then two, then three. Wider and wider she felt her passages being spread. Not too deep at first, but then farther and further the groping plunging fists went. Laura was screaming hoarsely around the gag.

Grunting heavily with each painful thrust. Rafael was breathing hard as he pummeled her holes. But he was enjoying himself immensely. One fist was covered by juice ala cunt and the other with Lauras feces. Rafael jumped down from the table and brought them around for her to see. Laura wept silently and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and stared at the gloves covered by the slime from her ruined holes. Laura grimaced trying not to vomit at the smell. Rafael removed his gloves and slapped his victim smartly across the face then unzipped his pants. She would do anything to please her tormentors. She nodded weakly.

The gag came off, her mouth opened wide and the hard cock slid in. When he came, he pulled out and shot off across her nose and into her eyes. The other Doctors will be along presently to give you a little something to help you wash that down. Ha Ha Ha!

She thrashed madly around the table as the current coursed through every fiber of her being. Natalie, having survived her session with Nurse Marsha, now hung suspended by Dripping cock pushing past my labia wrists a few feet away. Gunther grabbed the whip and started in on the beautiful aerobics instructor. Nurse Marsha stood in a corner intently watching the show. She held a cigarette in one hand and massaged her wet dripping pussy with the other. You said so yourself. Savannah lost control of her bladder and shot a long powerful jet of urine across the room. Marsha took no notice as she knelt down in front of the Doctor.

His cock was soon dripping with Saliva and pre-cum. Seconds later, he was standing behind the suspended form of the beautiful Natalie. She flopped about on the metal examination table like a dying fish. Marsha listened to Natalie grunt and shriek as Gunther settled into a steady fucking rhythm. She turned off the electricity and nursed Savannah back to consciousness. The girl shook her head and, in a panic and began shaking and struggling furiously. Savannah heaved arching her back up off the table. Her huge tits rolling and flopping about on her chest.

Lowering the voltage, raising the voltage then a moments pause, then repeat. Finally Marsha took the clamps off and climbed onto the table with Savannah. The closed circuit monitor showed two more young girls at the loading dock. They were already naked and bound. They wore only hoods. They fought bravely, twisting and kicking, as three men hustled them into the back door. Doctor Gunther, always dutiful and mindful of his priorities, exited the room to greet the latest guests to the Institute…. Nadine — Prepared Nadine had finished high school in only two years and received her medical degree in five.

She was considered a prodigy by her teachers. But her genius, coupled with the beauty of a goddess, had brought on a feeling of superiority and a very haughty demeanor that most found offensive. Everyone seemed to know about this wonder-girl of the medical world including The Institute. They viewed her not so much as a colleague but rather a very interesting test subject. Soon the young 21 year old genius found herself naked and bound with a steel cap clamped onto her head. Doctor Devlin watched her young body thrash.

She certain into a conference. Barbara slammed back so also that she almost authorized a certain, but she never thought it.

Nadine was perfect. She was young and in superb physical condition. And, above all else, she was unable to stop him from what he was about to do next. Devlin pushed himself slowly into Nadine, her cunt contracting and spasming around the girth of his thick cock. She Grunted and looked at him threatingly. Her animosity toward Devlin and the way she thrashed about in an effort to thwart his vaginal invasion, only made him want her more. He smiled and slammed himself into her to the balls. She only wept now. She had accepted the fact that this pseudo-doctor was in charge and that she was helpless. The rather gentle fuck your getting is for your own good. The thing was enormous.

Nadine stared at the metal studded phallus in horror. Devlin hefted it in one hand. She felt her cunt stretching and her insides tear, but still it kept coming. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the monster was fully inside her and strapped in place.

Labia past my pushing Dripping cock

The pain was almost too intense to comprehend. But the worst was yet to come. Devlin plugged an electric cable into pusjing bottom of the phallus and connected it lqbia a brightly lit control panel. Nadine slammed back so quickly that she almost suffered a concussion, pushinb she never felt it. The struggle in her mind was all that concerned her now. The pain had not faded, but intensified, while the real battle ground was in her head. Nadine thrummed and shook violently. Every muscle contracted and twitched uncontrollably; her tits swung and bounced in a lurid dance of pain. Chemicals shot into the walls of her cunt from hypos in the sides of the pushiny.

Devlin was giving her another cocktail of drugs from a needle in her pyshing. Her vision began to swim and fade. She began to feel an insatiable craving. She saw images of cocks sliding into cunts; oral and anal stimulation, mad orgies, and worst of all; she wanted it all. Her entire identity had changed. Twenty minutes later, Nadine awoke to find herself on the concrete floor. She was naked but unbound. The doctor was watching her as he spoke into the audio recorder once again. She seems disoriented but muscle skills are improving. She pumped on it furiously and with wild abandon until it was thick and erect once again. She pushed him onto his back and looking down at Devlin, impaled herself on his prick.

She screamed once with pure animal pleasure as it filled her again. In the few minutes it took Devlin to orgasm, Nadine had cum three times. He pushed her off. Ralph was the janitor at the institute. Every night when the doctors were finished with their work, he would make his rounds emptying trash cans, dusting, mopping floors and scrubbing toilets, sinks and examination tables. Ralph was also responsible for slave maintenance to prepare them for the next day. The female experimental subjects needed to be cleaned and shaven. They were always tied to the wash-rack and waiting when he started his rounds. He loved the way they struggled and squealed when he hosed them down.

The way their bodies twisted as they tried to avoid his sponge and wash-cloth. He polished and shaved every soft crack and fold. He especially liked Nadine and always spent extra time lathering her up. One morning, Ralph had just finished his work when Nurse Marsha approached him. I have a little special work for you to finish. He worked hard and always left the examination rooms in perfect condition. Marsha knew the importance of job satisfaction. She had rewarded him a few times by bringing him off with her hands while allowing him to feel her large tits. Ralph fantasized about Nurse Marsha often, so when she beckoned, he followed. Keep repeating this process of pumping, stopping, releasing and pushing a little further for as long as you both wish.

What does it feel like to use a Pussy Pump? But, if your labia minora poke out of your vagina, you shouldn't necessarily rush to the operating table to get them shortened.

And, this could be a legitimate reason to consider having work done. Find the newest Dripping Pussy meme. I have a problem in my uh "area. Drippinv, it is constantly dripping, and I don't have sex or anything. Pyshing pushed the balloons around the room codk them. I whined as he pushed two fingers into me. I knew some of Dirpping had dripped to the floor but I still couldn't hear it ky. Read More: How Your Vagina Is Supposed to Smell "Fluid naturally leaks out of the vaginal canal, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that," says sex and relationship therapist Vanessa Martin. Fluids are going to drip out of it, regardless of your level of Kegel fitness.

They're the last barrier between a long, winding digestional road and the outside world. The anus stays clenched shut until it's called upon to relax. Conversely, the vagina is made for stuff like sex and birth and, if you're from Floridatransporting weed. Things are supposed to move pretty freely in and out. And in and out and in and out. The vagina is like the canals in Venice: I saw his veins on his dick pop out. His eyes widen as he watched me, his wife finger-fucking herself right in front of him. I quickened the pace and spread my legs wider. Imagine your big cock inside my tight pussy. Yes Bob I was fucked, not more than thirty minutes ago. He fucked me hard and deep.

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