Black hereford cattle for sale in oklahoma

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Black Hereford Cattle for Sale

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Both Hereford herefodr Angus bulls are used. Spring Calves are typically retained and grazed in the wheat pasture operation. Fall calves are generally sold 45 days after weaning.

The ranch both retains and markets quality replacement heifers. The cows are moderate frame and average body weight is pounds. We stress fertility and maternal traits. Cows calve in one of two sixty day calving periods; February through March and September through October. Replacement Heifers The percentage of replacement heifers that are kept are put out with bulls at months of age and will begin calving as 2 year olds. Have had shots and been wormed. Half ready to rope now, half will be ready in a few months. Currently on feed Loaded with Beckton genetics Weigh Long weaned Due to start calving in a month!

Bred to Coleman Ready to Work, virgin bulls ranging Turned 2 years old during Home raised cows and calves. A successful flush is defined as producing at least eight eggs per partner. If you sell the female to anyone else, Black Hereford Ranch still retains our right to partner on two successful flushes. All females declared safe in calf have a projected calving date or date range in this catalog or on the sale day supplement. All projected due dates are best estimates only and not guaranteed. Please remember that it is normal to give birth throughout the two weeks either side of their projected due date.

We highly recommend you take out insurance on your purchases. This is a safe way to protect your investment on both females and bulls. Realistically Speaking It is unlikely that large amounts of semen will be sold from very many bulls. However, the reason we are keeping an interest in every bull is that we want to keep it simple and we have great bulls throughout the offering. The bulls that do develop a market for larger amounts of semen can be very financially rewarding; therefore, as a breeder of some of the best seed stock in the industry, we want to share with you in these bulls.

We want to be a great partner with you! Semen Rights Buyers receive semen rights proportionally to the interest that you purchased. Future semen collections must be made known to all owners prior to collecting.

Oklahoma Black sale in hereford cattle for

Any bull that settles cows by Blaxk service is considered a breeder. We have no other sideline businesses. Our genetics have helped put herefoed club calf breeders on the map. If you have a veteran herd that needs a boost, we can help you get your operation to a higher level of production. We strive on generating the type of cattle that work hard and make our customers proud profits. We offer you our all, and not many can truthfully say this! Each oklanoma there are head of females that do not bring more than market price. Many customers can testify that there are good cattle at bargain prices throughout the entirety of this sale.

Many pay for themselves within their first calf crop, and several have turned into money-earning donors or promotable herd sires. The following success stories merely scratch the surface of what these genetics are capable of. It is an event everyone needs to experience and definitely worth checking off your bucket list. She has steadily been a successful producer of high selling good ones. In the past two years, he has added two more of our names to his list. He purchased Easy Jett in and was fired up enough about his calves that he came back and bought his maternal brother, Highway 33, in our bull sale last fall. The top pick of his calves this spring were Easy Jetts.

We are excited about having a partner who confidently used Easy Jett on some of the best Hereford cows in the country!

Brandon Bird has assembled a Blac of the very best females catyle bulls from all over the country. Brandon has a good eye and has invested in some of the best our program has had to offer over the years. His daughters selling Okpahoma 9th are all that and then some as well! He has bought some of our best we have had to offer each year and has marketed their offspring through our COC sales with tremendous success. He has done his homework and put together a premier herd that we look forward to their crop every year. These guys did their homework, and it has consistently paid off.

Champ Davis bought some of the best of what we had to offer from the time we started. We are thankful for the time and friendship we had with this great cattleman. Many of the Cream of the Crop females that Champ and Neal Ray have purchased remain in their donor pen.

Watch for COC Fractals, who xattle in the bull fatigue. Topically make announcements with our blackberry diversify in financial. Share With Her Friends!.

They have been volume buyers of Made Right semen, and many of their highlights have been sired by him. Congratulations on a very successful sale, and thank you for continuing to trust in our genetics. It has paid off! Congratulations to Dwight fkr raising the San Antonio Reserve Champion Gert, a Charolais that made the sale in Houston and catttle more coming for next year. Year after year, they have been keeping the daughters out of their COC Godfather son. One of them raised the Houston Champion Limi. This father—son duo is carrying on that tradition and now Raising Their Own Champions! Charlie and Casey Parker have been long volume buyers for their progressive club calf operation over the years.

However, their most recent success we owe a large congratulations to is for their Made Right semen purchases. Watch for COC Comanche, who sells in the bull offering! It has been a lot of fun being a part of your success. Bruce and Dustin Glover have been repeat several leading Cream of the Crop females and bulls over the years. We are excited for the MOAB calves he has this spring.

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