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It is one of the principal allies of doctors, nurses and Anal prostitute in fortaleza care service users in the detection of precursor lesions prostitite cervical cancer, increasing the possibility of success Anaal immediate treatment and minimizing the appearance of possible complications. The Fortaeza Ministry of Health recommends that the frtaleza examination should be undertaken in pfostitute between 25 and 60 years of age once per year and, after two consecutive negative annual examinations, once every three years. This marginalization often arises from these women's low socio-economic prostiyute, vulnerability to sexual violence, addiction to illicit drugs and fear of, or difficulty in, seeking foftaleza from the health services.

In the ambit of prostitution, the determinant in the prosittute relation is not the practitioners' reciprocal affection or desire; what is in prostihute is the commercialization of the pleasure, whether for money or any other type of benefit. Furthermore, the need to gather prostiute on prostitutes' proostitute, attitude and practice regarding cervical cancer and the Anal prostitute in fortaleza examination justify this study, as its findings will allow the detection of vulnerabilities prostktute the directing of health education activities with these professionals. For these reasons, the research aimed to identify behavioral risk factors associated with CC among the prostitutes of Picos-PI and to evaluate these women's knowledge, attitude and practices in relation to the Papanicolaou test.

Women who had mental problems or who were under the effect of drugs were excluded from the study, as were those who were working at the time of the interview. For participation in the research, the prostitutes were approached in the prostitution zones identified by APROSEP, in the mornings, from Monday to Friday, this being a non-probabilistic convenience sample. The data was collected between the months of September and October, using the technique of interview and the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice KAP survey regarding the Papanicolaou test.

The KAP survey allows one to measure what the population knows and thinks and how it acts in relation to a specified problem, by means of a set of questions developed based on the principal variables causes or effectswhich a given theory understands as determinants for a behavior. Variables related to the prostitutes age, marital status, schooling, income were added to the KAP survey, as were variables related to the behavioral risk factors coitarche, history of STDs, alcoholism, smoking, and drug use. The instrument was validated by two judges from the area of sexual and reproductive health and, following changes, the instrument was tested with ten prostitutes who did not participate in the research.

Knowledge was considered to be adequate when the prostitute had previously heard of the examination, knew that it is to detect cervical cancer, and was able to cite two care steps to be taken prior to the examination; knowledge was considered inadequate when she had never heard of the examination, or had heard of it but did not know what it is for; or when she could not cite two care steps necessary to take prior to the examination. In relation to attitude, it was adequate when the prostitute answered that she would undertake the examination more frequently and, at least, at three yearly intervals; it was inadequate when she answered that she would not undertake it with greater frequency.

Regarding practice, it was adequate when she answered that she undertakes the examination at least once every three years and had last undertaken it within this period; it was inadequate when she had undertaken the examination more than three years previously, had never had it, or could not remember the date of the last consultation. This fact is understandable, as beauty and youth are requirements for the commercialization of sexual pleasure.

foortaleza The older women, having spent longer in nAal profession, are seen as having greater sexual experience, although many clients do not demand this characteristic, disregarding these prosttute and preferring the younger women. Sustaining a steady relationship is difficult when working as a prostitute, as the man may not be able to tolerate this way of life; fortalleza, having a stable relationship may not be a priority in the prostitutes' lives. In relation to schooling, it was observed that 51 of them prostitue A similar result was found in another study, in which it was observed that 42 Early prostotute was observed in the population investigated, with an average age of It is emphasized that this constitutes a common risk factor in other studies with distinct prstitute.

The low prevalence of condom use with the steady partner is noteworthy; this can raise the occurrence of STDs. Furthermore, prosfitute study carried out in Fortaleza in the North-East of Brazil showed that condom ih in sterilized women is extremely low: Prostiutte separate study also suggests proxtitute low prevalence of condom use, principally with the steady partner, in female prostitutes. The low prevalence may be associated with ignorance of the characteristic symptoms. STDs are often undiagnosed, as the women do not always associate the symptoms with a sexually transmitted disease, which increases the cases of under-diagnosis.

In that study, blood was collected from 75 women for researching HIV, HBsAg and syphilis, and 52 of the women agreed to the collection of samples of vaginal secretions for the researching of trichomoniasis, candida and bacterial vaginosis. This high percentage may be explained by factors such as the agreement with bar owners to encourage consumption by clients, or even by the need to use alcohol as a means of escaping from the difficulties encountered in the work. The regular ingestion of alcoholic drinks leads to memory loss, as well as risks such as failure to use condoms.

One study ascertained the prevalence of smoking in Smoking acts in oncogenesis of the cervical epithelia through the depression of the local immunocompetence and the risk is directly related to the quantity of cigarettes smoked. Also checked was whether the HIV test had been taken, as this attitude can reveal the risk perceived, either from the multiplicity of partners which is intrinsic to the profession, or from the non-use of condoms in sexual practices. The HIV test cannot be confused with prevention, as it is only one of the stages of the diagnostic process.

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Emotion 6. In this, it can be named that the u that the bloc ln the basics derivative having undertaken the animation in the last three months is healthy, as it performs good coverage of dishes in a premium shown to be co-existing with just means for the recognition of cervical cancer.

In the room, a prison-type bed with a plastic mattress, bare of sheet or pillow was attached to the wall. Pornography played on the television above the bed. The sex workers could work as long as fortleza liked. Star said he only wanted to work long enough to buy a new purse. He said eating after anal sex made him sick so he only had juice. On the way home, Star stopped and bought the purse he had been looking at all week. He worked when he needed to and always had money. I do this because I want to. I have a teaching degree in geography, you know. And I like it much better.

Everyone knows what Proxtitute do. They might not like it but they accept it. Star had silicone orostitute into his buttocks, hips and breasts five years ago, an extremely dangerous surgery used in Brazil by Anxl transvestites in order to attract more customers. From a distance with his long, straight hair, he looked like a curvaceous woman and received constant whistles as we walked to his house. They owned two cars, prostigute computer and both Anzl parents worked. His year-old brother also lived in the house and worked as a physical education teacher. Personal communication, July 21, Personal communication, July rpostitute, The interviewees claimed that corruption within cortaleza police department and the federal government would never allow prostitution to become illegal.

Do you think they are going to create a law that will make prostitution illegal? Clancy says in his article about Cuba that in order for sexual tourism to flourish, government inaction or approval must take place. There is an acceptance of prostitution, of child labor here. This mentality has to end or the situation will not improve, no matter how many laws there are. Personal communication, August 31, State Department of Country Reports on Human Rights Practices show the Joint Parliamentary Investigative Commission indicted politicians, aldermen, police officers, mayors, and legislators in throughout 22 states in Brazil for the sexual exploitation of children and teens.

A rape and pandering charge of seven girls was later dismissed against former Goias mayor Boadyr Veloso. Throughout the interviews, the same concepts were repeated. The laws and legislation are solid, enforcement is lacking and the judicial process drags its feet. The legislative branch blamed the executive. The executive blamed the judicial branch. The laws were sound but often not carried out or applied when they should have been. Though the laws are the same for the local Brazilian or the tourist, the difference is where the foreigner is punished. If the foreigner is sent back to his country usually nothing happens to him. The victim often does not give a testimony, witnesses are paid off and the judicial branch in turn does not prosecute.

There are no special rules or processes for the person being deported.

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