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Vintage Yo-Yos

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Duncan, Inc. Duncan marketed the yo-yo successfully by using udncan demonstrators, many who were Dsting, to hold contests around the country to increase demand. Duncan claimed the yo-yo was once a primitive hunting weapon in the Philippines and whose name meant dundan. Duncan also used the slogan, "If it isn't a Duncan, it isn't dunvan Yo-Yo. The management division remained in Chicago, where it shared some of the same staff as the Dunfan Parking Meter Company. The company also began to branch out, trying to create new toys and products, including a line of tops and selling plastic yo-yos. In the early s the company, now run by Donald F. Duncan, Jr. By Donald F.

The company was unable to keep up with demand for yo-yos, losing out to other brands. They lost an expensive legal battle Yod Tops over trademark infringement. The court ruled that the word yo-yo was the generic word for the toy. In the company's creditors wanted their money and the company filed for bankruptcy. The company was auctioned off inwith the Flambeau Corporation, owners of the plastic yo-yo molds, buying the Duncan name and continuing to produce Duncan Yo-Yos. In the early s, Donald Duncna.

Duncan Jr. It was only briefly produced, but in Duncan began making a regular production plastic model, the junior-sized Pony Boy. This yo-yo was Dating duncan yo yos of polystyrene yl had a BB inside that rattled. A short time later, the firm introduced the Imperial, made of tennite plastic, which duplicated the dimensions of the classic wood Model 77 that had been in production since The Imperial would go on to become the world's best-selling yo-yo. Several years later Duncan also Dtaing the wooden Butterfly model, which Dating duncan yo yos a standard yo-yo turned inside out, giving the player a wider slot to catch the string in. The company was now also marketing wooden spin tops. InDonald F.

Duncan retired and gave control of the company to his sons Donald, Jr. He would sell a sister firm, Duncan Parking Meter Corporation, in By this time, Duncan completely dominated the yo-yo market, producing an estimated 85 percent of the toys made. InDuncan began running its first television commercials, which debuted in Philadelphia. A number of different designs were introduced during this period, including versions shaped like sports balls and a planet as well as multicolor plastic models with embedded glitter. The latter series, known as Mardi Gras, was intended to appeal to girls, who were under-represented in the ranks of yo-yo aficionados. Inthe company sold a record 33 million yo-yos.

Lawsuit Leads to Bankruptcy in Duncan's competition was heating up, however, and the firm became embroiled in a protracted court battle with the Royal Tops Manufacturing Co. Duncan sued Royal over the latter's use of the name "yo-yo," asserting that it was an exclusive trademark. InRoyal won the case, but neither company benefited from the victory as legal costs forced both into bankruptcy. The most recent yo-yo craze had faded by the time the suit was settled, helping to seal Duncan's fate. Inthe company's yo-yo turning lathes were sold to Fred Strombeck, who used them to manufacture the "Medalist" brand wooden yo-yo, and in Flambeau Products Corporation bought the Duncan name and good will.

Flambeau had made plastic yo-yos for the firm since and had retained the company's molds. The reconstituted Duncan soon began to introduce new models, including the Jewel, the butterfly-style light-up Satellite, the fuzz-covered Velvet, the slimline Professional, and later the Wheels series, designed to look like various muscle-car wheels. The early s saw sales begin to take off once again, and Duncan revived the practice of hiring demonstrators to travel the country performing yo-yo tricks. The technical side of yo-yo design saw a number of new developments during the s and s, though most of the ideas came from outside of Duncan.

Ininventor Michael Caffrey patented an internal clutch mechanism, and in a Swedish firm introduced a yo-yo with a ball bearing transaxle that would later revolutionize yo-yo play. Duncan itself brought out the World Class model, a butterfly-shaped yo-yo which had metal weight rings and a teflon-coated axle for longer sleep times, but did not keep it in production. Late s Despite these improvements, yo-yo sales were in decline, with justsold industry-wide in That year saw Duncan lure one of the firm's former marketing executives out of retirement to help boost sales.

Clyde Mortensen had worked for the company during its heyday of the early s, and he soon turned to the medium that had brought success more than two decades ago--television. In FebruaryDuncan began running second spots on youth-oriented cable television networks, including Nickelodeon and USA. Sales soon tripled, and the ad campaign was expanded. The yo-yo revival was also influenced by other factors. Inyo-yos were in the public eye when an astronaut played with a yellow plastic Duncan Imperial aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, making it the first yo-yo in space. The following year comedian Tommy Smothers introduced his trick-performing "Yo-Yo Man" character on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, which he reprised in on the Smothers Brothers' weekly television program.

An instructional video subsequently released by Smothers sold an estimatedcopies. InDuncan sponsored an exhibition called "Return of the Yo-Yo" that traveled to shopping malls around the United States for more than a year.

Dqting complaints were careful from a number of thought groups, the range's sales continued to system. Saving the psychological Guaranteed design has been around since see otherby Jeff Katz, for "Stocking in bandelore toy", Wide 27,Duncan was the first part to actually help other them.

dumcan The Duncan Family Collection was exhibited and professional yo-yo demonstrators appeared at the opening of each stop of yp tour. Sales of yo-yos were now booming, with an estimated duncab million sold duringthe majority of which bore Daitng Duncan logo. Other developments of this time period included the reappearance of yo-yo contests and the founding of the American Yo-Yo Association and other yo-yo fan groups. The company was now producing 11, of the toys each day, which were typically sold through large retailers like Wal-Mart and Kmart. Another Revival in the Mids As had happened before, the new yo-yo craze soon faded, and sales became stagnant.

InDuncan hired yo-yo inventor Michael Caffrey, a one-time company demonstrator and cofounder of competitor Yomega, to head the firm's marketing and sales department. Inhe returned to the firm's proven sales-boosting strategy and introduced a new television commercial known as "Video Boy," which was intended to position yo-yos as an alternative to video games. Caffrey also added a new marketing wrinkle of his own by devising an educational program called "Teaching Science With the Yo-Yo. Duncan was soon distributing a teacher's guide and series of five lessons to 80, sixth-grade classrooms and offering yo-yos at low prices for educational use.

Playing Datinh its heritage, in Duncan released its first wooden yo-yo since the s, a reissue of the Cuncan Tournament model, which was available in five colors and Daing packaged with a reproduction of the company's Yo-Yo Trick Book. The yo-yo boom continued to grow inwith Duncan's output lagging behind demand, even yi its Columbus, Indiana, plant running 24 hours a day, seven days per week. A second production line was subsequently opened at Flambeau Products' Middlefield, Ohio, headquarters. Demand for yo-yos was not confined to the United States, and Duncan reported strong sales in foreign markets such as Australia, England, and Japan.

In the last-named country, Duncan sold one million yo-yos in just two months' time. The year also saw Duncan sign a licensing agreement with Coca-Cola--for which it produced 18 different yo-yo designs using the beverage maker's logo--and acquire the rights to make the Wizzzer, a toy top that had a friction motor inside to make it spin faster. The year old toy had previously been marketed by several other companies, including Mattel, and was considered the world's best-selling top.

Datijg firm's top competitor, Yomega, was having success with high-tech yo-yos like its Udncan and Fireball models, which incorporated many newer design features, and in the fall of Duncan introduced to new line of yps with take-apart bodies and ball-bearing transaxles. These included the Imperial-shaped Ballistic, which had an adjustable weight system and interchangeable graphics; the light-up, Imperial-shaped ORB; and the open-face, uniquely shaped Avenger. These dumcan form the basis of the company's "Hardcore" line, which later added other models. The year saw Duncan further expand its high-tech offerings with acquisition of the German Mondial design from CameYo.

It featured a self-lubing ball-bearing and an adjustable string gap. Duncan was now marketing its yo-yos more aggressively than ever, using a controversial television commercial that featured people holding their yo-yo middle fingers toward the camera. This commercial was run on sports programs and during wrestling shows. Though complaints were received from a number of family groups, the company's sales continued to rise. Duncan was also using traditional promotional methods, hiring talented yo-yo players like Steve Brown and Chris Neff to criss-cross the country doing demonstrations.

InDuncan introduced the Freehand model, an extra-wide butterfly shaped yo-yo which was the first one that could be used without being tied to a player's hand. Freehand-style play had been invented by Steve Brown, and his picture was used on the package. In DecemberDuncan bought Playmaxx, Inc.

Duncan yos Dating yo

A number Datng patents held by Playmaxx were acquired in the deal. Steve Brown himself received a patent during the year for his own freehand counterweight system, which was assigned to Flambeau Products. Nearly 75 years after it was founded, Duncan Toys Co.

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