How do i hook up my laptop to my tv wirelessly

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How do I connect my laptop to my TV?

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You need another connector to handle your audio. Option Two: VGA connections If your laptop is over four or five years old, then connecting via VGA port is very likely to be your only option. But VGA is video lead only, so you will need a 3. This is what VGA port looks like on television.

This is what VGA port looks like on laptop. Then do the same with your 3. Like most wireless solutions, it can also suffer from display lag, which will hurt playing games over it. Natively supported by Windows 8. Receivers are relatively inexpensive. Doesn't usually support 4K. Too much lag for games.

Big Laptop Libraries: Plex If you've built a big media ny on your computer, wireelessly can stream it easily to your TV paptop Plex. Plex is media server software that can catalog all of your video and audio files and stream them to any device running the Plex app. It can also act as a front-end for streaming media services, and can even record live TV with a USB tuner. All major media streamers support Plex, along with many smart TV platforms. It can even stream to your phone, tablet, or any other compatible device outside of your house, as long as your computer is on and connected to the internet. Plex is very functional for media playback and streaming, even in its free form.

It doesn't support any sort of screen mirroring, however; anything streamed to the Plex app on your TV or media streamer must be registered through the server software. That means no games.

A accused variety of trading apps also trade Google Banded mill, so you can do media from those currencies to the Chromecast and use your decision as a beta. There are cooking, relatively unsophisticated solutions such as AllCast for iOS and Tavern — this results you buy essentially ethical tap as well as holding hosted on another favorite DLNA server, or in the time via restarted restarts including Dropbox, Google Framing and Instagram.

It also tops out at p, so it can't stream 4K. Robust media format and service support. Accessible outside of the home. Free, with optional premium subscription for advanced features. Doesn't support 4K. Doesn't work with games. Just For Games: Steam Link Valve released the Steam Link a few years ago, and while it didn't make many waves, we were impressed by its performance. It's a media streamer designed specifically for PC games.

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You connect it to your TV, pair a controller with it, and you can play games on your computer through it. It's surprisingly responsive if you have a very good wireless connection, so even better, can connect at least one of lqptop two devices in the chain to your router over Ethernet. Steam Link is specifically designed for games, so you're not going to be wirflessly to do much general media streaming or screen mirroring with it. In fact, since it tvv on Wirelwssly Big Picture mode for an interface, you can't actually access any content not directly available oHw Steam.

It isn't a solution if wirelessoy just want to watch movies and TV shows though some movies, like John Wick, are available on Steam hhook can be watched through the Steam Link. You can work through your PC's desktop by minimizing Big Picture mode through the Steam Link, but it's an awkward, unreliable solution. Low latency for PC gaming with the physical box and a wired connection. Not suitable for streaming non-PC game content. Cable-Free Cables: Get your media up on the big screen Shares If you haven't invested in a smart TV or streaming box, you can still watch all your favorite shows and videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more by connecting your laptop to your TV.

Maybe you want to show your friends the funny video that had you howling last night, or maybe you want to stream the Super Bowl on February 3 — but why sit there hunched around your laptop or smartphone when you can easily connect it to your TV wirelessly or with cables? We've got all the instructions and tips you need to successfully hook up one device to the other. Read our guide to discover everything you need to know about connecting your portable computer, phone or tablet to your TV. Super Bowl live stream: If you hate the look and hassle of trailing cables, it's easier and cheaper than ever to connect to your TV wirelessly.

For example, if your flat-screen TV is a smart model with support for DLNA media streaming, then you can send movies, photos and other media files directly to it without the need for any additional hardware — just locate the right app on your TV to receive the content.

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