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#15: Iron Man Mark 4 Helmet DIY 5/5 - LED Eyes (with...

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There are a couple of YouTube videos showing the mechanics being built, and dealing with programming the servo.

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Without you trying the mask on, I can't say whether it will work for you or not. Facepllate same higne point and light feature are also critical for the replica collector, plus the amazing paint job and great sculpt create an excellent looking replica for the shelf. It works well, and allows for a different appearance in different room light. Tony Stark got nothing on me. The coverage is very consistent and clean, and gives the impression of metal where there is none.

It's going to be tough to breathe in this thing for any length of time, making it less useful and fun, and the fit can be a bit tricky for those with a larger head. If you can also do that, there is a bigger issue for the cosplayer. I'm not loving the back flap, however. As a prop replica it's extremely nice, particularly at this price point. It's tremendously consistent and clean, which adds a lot of realism to the overall look. They've even included some nice sculpting on the interior to make it appear a little more high tech. If I had one nit on the general sculpt, it's with the 'screws' on the face plate.

These aren't as deeply cut as you'd expect, making it look slightly less realistic.

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I can say that I have hlnge pretty big head - and a pretty big nose - and I was able to adjust the straps inside the mask to make it possible to have the plate on fully tight with the chin in its proper place. Now where is my full size Mjolnir, complete with sound and magnetic action that means only I can lift it cuz I know where the secret button is? The quality of the materials, construction, and light feature are all well above what you might expect for this price, although that back neck flap still bugs me.

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