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A paranormal investigator who visited the property in School Street, Loughborough, identified a 'male presence' in the house Chilling: Going up the stairs the male energy made his presence more known, cold spots were experienced. He eventually turned to drink to forget his own fears of life. Further investigations into the haunting may be needed,' Mr Vickers concluded. Ms McGill described feeling 'cobwebs' all over her skin when she first moved into the house in School Street, Loughborough 'Ghost writing': Medium Dave Vickers said he held a pen and paper and allowed the spirit to communicate with Ms McGill through him It was during the medium's second visit that he sensed that the spirit wanted to communicate, he said.

They are just ordinary young women excited by the prospect of a free UK. The sisters attended their first Leave Means Leave rally in London in December, not long after Theresa May first announced she was postponing a final vote on her Brexit deal. We are made out to be extremists and people are afraid of that label. They are scared to voice their opinion.

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Alice adds: Lots of countries would love to do free trade deals with us. Their mother often niegl them to protests. By their own account, they were raised in a non-political household. And if so, does that extend to all types of people or merely those who fit your rigid view of the world?

Do you know to treat queer and trans nigdl with dignity, so by extension, your children will know womej to treat their queer Lonwly trans classmates? Do you know why it mattered so much that they did that? Because they wanted Zion to not be broken the way so many other Black boys have been. They want to prevent him and others from ending up like Nigel Shelby. I graduated from Huntsville High. I am still processing this loss. We have so much to understand and so much work to do. Now the police have discovered that body and the investigation begins.

Mark Lapslie is a detective on leave. He suffers from Synesthesia. Sounds turn into taste to Mark. For example, when his phone rings he tastes dark chocolate.

The problem has caused a break up in his family. The everyday noise of family life is too much for Mark to handle. Now he is being called back to work. He has been contacted by DS Bradbury, a female officer.

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