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Also to remind you that ad worse Sac of humaliation is still on the way coming and the first sign of it, is the warning we have received thus far that we have to withdraw our forces from South of Blue Nile and South Kordofan before 1st of june however the Northern army had already know how esay to occupied our territory or how to defeat us because we use to act without taking any responisbility for our action that is what happened in Abyei and if it is so and then Iam more concerns for safety of Southerners.

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Weekend the date in Saf and hard for seeking. Time seeing come when the land will go to the rigthful ours. Okay, fine, so they have 3 men with them… 1 is a lover, 1 is wanna-be lover, and 1 is 2 years old. SPLM clique has betrayed them by accepting the seaparation over the Unity of Sudan that the militia used to claim to be fighting for that is very clear to everyone including SPLM itself.

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